Travel emergency kits need to include items suitable for everything from an extended commute or an unexpected overnight to a pop-up office space or roadside vehicle incident. Here are a few categories to consider when stocking your supply stash.

URBAN If you’re driving, tire gauge, roadside reflective triangles and jumper cables are essential. General unisex product recommendations include blister protection for your feet, aspirin, eyeglass repair kits and alcohol wipes.

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GROOMING Everyone can benefit from having a few basics on hand: a miniature nail file or emery board, a moisture-rich medicated lip balm, a comb, toothpaste, miniature deodorant and a travel-size spray fragrance.

PROFESSIONAL While nothing beats a smartphone loaded with functional apps, it doesn’t hurt to have a few more necessities such as extension cords and plug adapters to keep your devices charged. Composition books, an extra pen and brightly colored sticky notes can assist even the most devoted digital information junkie.