Travel gear and gadgets help travelers cope. (Credit: iStock)

Travel gear and gadgets help travelers cope.

Travel gear and gadgets for when you're on the go

This collection of gadgets, gear and apps helps travelers cope.


NAME themego.com WHAT IT DOES Introduces you to
(Credit: themego.com)

NAME themego.com WHAT IT DOES Introduces you to an enthusiast's favorite theme parks around the world, including top attractions, restaurants, hotels and events.

WHAT'S HOT Photos are taken by actual travelers and are not the perfect marketing photos you might find on a theme-park website. You can craft your own plan to visit a theme park by making a list of attractions and activities you'd like to see or engage in. If you want to book a hotel, the site links to the hotel's website, but the options are limited.

WHAT'S NOT The site covers about 24 theme parks, but according to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, there are more than 400 amusement parks and attractions in the United States and about 300 amusement parks in Europe alone. themego.com is new, so hopefully it can grow an enthusiastic user base. --Los Angeles Times


NAME GetMyBoat.com AVAILABLE FOR Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod
(Credit: getmyboat.com)

NAME GetMyBoat.com

AVAILABLE FOR Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (requires iOS7 or later)


WHAT IT DOES It offers a searchable database of more than 33,000 boat rentals -- from canoes to yachts -- available worldwide.

WHAT'S HOT The number of choices is terrific, but the best feature is the filter, which lets you choose the type of boat that suits your mood: power, sail, fishing, nonpowered or megayacht. You can also request a captain or no captain. If you're looking for a vessel to fit your budget or with the capacity to host a large party, it has those options, too.

WHAT'S NOT The app turned up significantly more results doing a search for Cabo San Lucas and Sydney than the website did for the same destinations.


NAME Cameo AVAILABLE FOR iPhone, iPad, iPod touch,
(Credit: Vimeo, LLC)

NAME Cameo

AVAILABLE FOR iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, requires iOS8 or later


WHAT IT DOES The app imports your iOS videos, allows you to edit, personalize and add music, and then share them on social-media platforms.

WHAT'S HOT Cameo's lightning-quick video import tool is amazing. Not only can you uploads your videos quickly, but you can easily change their order to craft them into a travel movie. There's also free music you can choose to accompany your video. Love filters? Cameo offers choices, called "themes," too. You can get inspired by some sample videos on Cameo's Vimeo.com website.

WHAT'S NOT It would be nice to see more font choices and more options for placing titles and captions on the screen. -- Los Angeles Times




NAME venuereport.com WHAT IT DOES The website offers
(Credit: venuereport.com)

NAME venuereport.com

WHAT IT DOES The website offers a curated list of venues in 615 cities in 63 countries that are available for parties and other events. Venues include estates, hip boutique hotels, restaurants, farmhouses, campgrounds, resorts and more.

WHAT'S HOT If you're planning a gathering for a big birthday, family reunion, wedding, workshop or year-end planning session, brag-worthy locations are waiting for you. Because the site has the look of a travel magazine rather than a resource list, the upfront mention of how many people a venue will hold will save you lots of time when planning a party for eight or 2,000.

WHAT'S NOT Prices are visible only after you sign in, which is free with an email address or Facebook. If price is a concern, use the sort button to filter by fees after you log in. --Los Angeles Times


NAME zozi.com WHAT IT DOES This site offers
(Credit: zozi.com)

NAME zozi.com

WHAT IT DOES This site offers a hypnotic mix of travel activities, experiences, gear and inspiration that spans the globe as well as travelers' interests.

WHAT'S HOT This a great place for activity, tour and gear providers to connect with consumers, and from a traveler's perspective, it's loaded with getaway ideas for city lovers as well as those who prefer guided tours or small-group activities. The Journal section is packed with travel tips, and the Gear section has a healthy selection of clothing and other items you might want to pack for your trip. As a bonus, you'll find many items on sale at significant markdowns.

WHAT'S NOT Even after clicking on the Clear All button, search results for a previously selected city still popped up. -- Los Angeles Times

1 Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask

NAME 1 Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask WHAT
(Credit: 1voicenyc.com)

NAME 1 Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask

WHAT IT IS A huge sleep mask made of memory foam and covered in velvet, with built-in headphones.

THE GOOD It's comfy and big enough to block out light and pour soft, noise-canceling music into your ears. The Eye Mask connects to a phone or MP3 player with a long cord, and speakers are embedded in foam, so they won't bother you if you sleep on your side. Perfect for long flights or unfamiliar hotel rooms, or those times when you'd like to block out crying babies, party noise or just fall asleep to quiet tunes.

THE BAD For now, the mask may not fit to extend over the ears. According to a company rep, this is being rectified with new sizes on the horizon.

COST $49

INFO 1voicenyc.com -- Malerie Yolen-Cohen

Discovery Trekking Ultra Fast-Dry Towel

NAME Discovery Trekking Ultra Fast-Dry Towel WHAT IT
(Credit: discoverytrekking.com)

NAME Discovery Trekking Ultra Fast-Dry Towel

WHAT IT IS This thin moisture-wicking towel is both absorbent and quick drying.

THE GOOD Thirsty towels can take up a good portion of a backpack. This one is thin enough to double as a wrap and works like the thickest Turkish towel out there. It's also embedded with silver as an odor-fighting antimicrobial. The towel is also lightweight, multifunctional (you can also use it as a wrap or a blanket) and has ultraviolet protection. The towels dry four times faster than most others, including microfiber.

THE BAD Sunscreens, lotion and deodorants may clog fibers and reduce effectiveness.

COST $12-$35 depending on size. INFO discoverytrekking.com -- MALERIE YOLEN-COHEN. Special to Newsday

California Through My Lens

NAME California Through My Lens WHAT IT DOES
(Credit: californiathroughmylens.com/)

NAME California Through My Lens

WHAT IT DOES The blog is a passionate California travelogue with more than 400 posts. Look for stops along the Pacific Coast Highway, explore natural wonders and national and state parks, find inspiration for your next road trip or try a hike you've never considered.

WHAT'S HOT Josh McNair is a real traveler and his posts reflect his personality, uncovering the "Strangely Awesome" such as the Galleta Meadows metal sculptures in Borrego Springs, an ostrich farm off the 101 or Wacko Soap Plant.

WHAT'S NOT So as not to get lost, click on the Maps tab and scroll down until you reach the Map of Locations, which will help you home in on places near you. -- Los Angeles Times




NAME Airportrs.com WHAT IT DOES Displays the most
(Credit: airportrs.com)

NAME Airportrs.com

WHAT IT DOES Displays the most pertinent transportation options and costs for getting from the airport to the city center in 40 cities.

WHAT'S HOT The home screen displays a grid of airport codes listed alphabetically. Click on the relevant code and you're taken to a page with a list of transportation options. You'll find the symbol of a bus, taxi, train or other vehicle with a price tag and time it takes to reach the city center. Need something to do once you arrive in a city? The site uses Viator to link to a few popular attractions and activities.

WHAT'S NOT It's still in beta so use it with caution. Hopefully more airport listings will be included. There is space on the grid for you to request an airport to be added. -- Los Angeles Times

Naot Footwear

NAME Naot Footwear WHAT IT IS Shoes, boots
(Credit: Juneau)

NAME Naot Footwear

WHAT IT IS Shoes, boots and sandals with insoles of natural cork and latex designed to replicate the shape of a foot.

THE GOOD Worn by contestants in the movie "The Hunger Games," by detectives on television's "Law & Order: SVU" and on Fashion Week runways, Naot Footwear designs are also perfect for long walks, standing all day and especially for the rigors of travel. Soles are engineered for support and comfort, designed like your "footprint in the sand." The best part: They don't look like fusty "orthopedic" shoes, and can compete with some of the cutest shoes and sandals on the market.

THE BAD Retail price is on the high side for sandals, but many would say they're worth it for the comfort.

COST Prices start at $120

INFO naot.com -- MALERIE YOLEN-COHEN. Special to Newsday

Cleanse by Lauren Napier

NAME Cleanse by Lauren Napier COST $6 travel
(Credit: Lauren Napier)

NAME Cleanse by Lauren Napier

COST $6 travel size (three wipes), $18 Luxe Box (12 individually wrapped wipes) and $40 for the Abundance box (50 wipes) at at laurennapier.com

WHAT IT IS A set of individually packaged facial cleansing, exfoliating and refreshing wipes created by celebrity makeup artist Lauren Napier.

THE GOOD These easy-to-carry purifying face wipes take the place of several beauty products. While most facial cleansing wipes are infused mostly with skin-drying alcohol, Cleanse is water-based and also contains aloe, cucumber, oat-kernel extract and other natural, restorative ingredients. Perfect for long flights, the wipes are convenient for freshening up before landing.

THE BAD Because they are made with mostly natural ingredients, Cleanse wipes are not as proficient at removing heavy mascara as other, harsher makeup-removal wipes.

-- -- MALERIE YOLEN-COHEN. Special to Newsday

Lumy app

NAME Lumy WHAT IT DOES Tells you exactly
(Credit: Santhalakshmi K)


WHAT IT DOES Tells you exactly when sunrise and sunset, a photographer's coveted magic hours, will occur at a specified destination around the world.


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch; requires iOS8 or later.

WHAT?S HOT The attractive and easy-to-use Lumy app lets you set a calendar for your location and date and enables notifications alerting you when the golden hours occur. It also gives you a heads-up about the weather for even better planning. If you're ready to step up your photography skills, you can double-tap the main screen and get seven more photo-centric times, such as morning astronomical twilight or evening nautical twilight. You can also access the information offline.

WHAT?S NOT It would be nice if the app had a community home where Lumy users could share their photos.

COST $1.99

-- -- Los Angeles Times


NAME Tooletries WHAT IT IS A man's travel
(Credit: Tooletries)

NAME Tooletries

WHAT IT IS A man's travel Dopp kit that looks like a toolbox.

THE GOOD This durable hard-shell case for toiletries keeps shampoo bottles and toothpaste from exploding, as they might inside soft-sided Dopp kits. It's also compact, lightweight (1 pound) and well built, with silicone netting that keeps items securely in place, and neoprene lining that prevents leakage into your luggage. The case is available in three colors: red, gray or black. The Tooletries rugged macho looks will please every traveling home improvement guy in your life.

THE BAD You can't stuff "a bit more" into a hard-shell case as you could with a softer, more forgiving exterior.

COST $39.95; TheGrommet.com

-- MALERIE YOLEN-COHEN. Special to Newsday



Hotel Upgrade

NAME Hotel Upgrade COST Free AVAILABLE FOR Compatible
(Credit: HotelUpgrade, Inc.)

NAME Hotel Upgrade


AVAILABLE FOR Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; requires iOS 7.1 or later.

WHAT IT DOES The app connects travelers to hotel perks such as additional loyalty points, suite upgrades, executive lounge access, complimentary drink coupons and more at large hotel chains such as Hilton, Holiday Inn, Hyatt Place, Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn and Westin in 27 U.S. cities.

WHAT'S HOT It helps you get more with little effort. The app sends you to the hotel's website to book your room, so the rates you'll find there, as well as discounted rates for seniors, government employees and AAA members, are all available. Once you're booked, submit your reservation confirmation to get your upgrades.

WHAT'S NOTThe perks aren't as good for travelers staying at a hotel only one to four nights. -- Los Angeles Times

Dufl app

NAME DUFL app AVAILABLE FOR iPhone, iPad and
(Credit: Dufl, LLC)


AVAILABLE FOR iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; requires iOS8 or later

COST Free download; service is $9.95 a month plus $99 per round-trip

WHAT IT DOES DUFL is like a valet and virtual closet for business travelers. It stores and maintains your clothes, accessories and toiletries at its warehouse, then ships the items at your request.

WHAT'S HOT You can do it all from the app. Choose your clothes, order shipments and monitor their progress. Have two trips back to back? No problem. Some of your clothes can be sent to Boston in bag No. 1, while others are sent in bag No. 2 to San Francisco. Standard shipping is three days; expedited shipping is an extra $49 per trip.

WHAT'S NOT You can't test the app before registering. You have to ask for an invitation code, which takes three days to get. -- Los Angeles Times


NAME Everfest.com WHAT IT DOES Tell the site
(Credit: Everfest.com)

NAME Everfest.com

WHAT IT DOES Tell the site which topics you're interested in, and it gives you a page of festival options. Topics include cultural, historic, arts and crafts, faith, food and wine, books and music. Add whether you've been to the festival, want to save it for later or are already going, and it will make a calendar list for you.

WHAT'S HOT The site includes a huge number of small-town festivals and celebrations, many of which you've probably never heard of, like the Ramen Yokocho Festival in the Los Angeles area. You can search for festivals all over the world, though you'll get better results by search for a city hub.

WHAT'S NOT Search results are heavy on Texas events at first, which makes sense since Everfest's founders are from Austin. If you try different search terms and add themes, the results will widen.


NAME PhoneFetcher COST $12.99-$18.99 at phonefetcher.com WHAT IT
(Credit: PhoneFetcher)

NAME PhoneFetcher

COST $12.99-$18.99 at phonefetcher.com

WHAT IT IS An eye-catching cord that connects your smartphone to your purse for instant retrieval.

THE GOOD This simple device solves the problem of having to dig through a purse, gym bag or backpack in that frustrating race to find your phone before it stops ringing. One end attaches to a purse handle, the other fits snugly into the phone's earphone jack. Just tug on the cord and -- voila! -- phone in hand. The bungee cord PhoneFetcher is long enough so you can use your phone while still attached. Comes in a variety of colors and styles.

THE BAD If your phone is buried beneath heavy items, and you have to tug too hard, the phone may release from the cord. -- MALERIE YOLEN COHEN. Special to Newsday


NAME TwicerAVAILABLE FOR iPhone, iPad and iPod touch;
(Credit: Kwarter inc.)

NAME Twicer

AVAILABLE FOR iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; requires iOS 7.1 or later


WHAT IT DOES Lets you record video or import existing video and add commentary.

WHAT'S HOT This app lets you add depth and context to your travel videos before sharing them on Twitter, Facebook, etc. If you want to see a good example before you make your own, look at the great series of travel Twicer videos from "Etienne.Leroy" on zip lining, body boarding, river rafting and relaxing in Costa Rica.

WHAT'S NOT Tread carefully through the "Places & Travel" category, as well as others. Read the video title before you click through to get a better sense of what you'll be viewing. Report anything you find to be inappropriate. -- Los Angeles Times



Lonely Planet: Make My Day

NAME Lonely Planet: Make My DayAVAILABLE FOR iPhone,
(Credit: Getty Images / OLIVIER LABAN-MATTEI)

NAME Lonely Planet: Make My Day

AVAILABLE FOR iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (requires iOS8 or later), and Android

COST The app is free, with limited content for six cities; additional content is $2.99 per city or $4.99 for all cities.

WHAT IT DOES It's a super-simple app that lets you create your own "Morning, Afternoon and Evening" itinerary for London, New York City, Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo and Barcelona, Spain. -- Los Angeles Times

WHAT'S HOT The app provides a powerful quick hit or "best of" what to do in the world's great cities. You get 13 choices per section of the day with the full version unlocked. Each attraction, such as Les Catacombs or the Eiffel Tower, has a description, website info, hours, admission fee, a map and a recommended place to eat nearby.
WHAT'S NOT Be careful with your swiping. One swipe of the page upward and the day you've crafted is gone.

Fly Video Editor

NAME Fly Video EditorAVAILABLE FOR iPhone 5 and
(Credit: Fly Labs Inc.)

NAME Fly Video Editor

AVAILABLE FOR iPhone 5 and above, iPad and iPod Touch, requires iOS 8.

COST The app is free, but additional feature packs are $2.99 to $9.99 each, or a bundle for $5.99.

WHAT IT DOES This video editor allows you to combine four travel videos into one. Trim, dissolve or cut to the next video, add music and save the final product to your camera for sharing.

WHAT'S HOT Not only is editing easy, but you can import music from your iTunes library to include in your video. The app even adjusts vertical videos so you can use them with your horizontal ones. Need tips or inspiration? Don't miss the Instagram feed @editonthefly.

WHAT'S NOT You can't include photos in your video at the moment, though a new feature with that ability will launch this summer.


NAME DreamCheaper.comWHAT IT DOES Forward your hotel booking
(Credit: DreamCheaper.com)

NAME DreamCheaper.com

WHAT IT DOES Forward your hotel booking confirmation email (for hotels with free cancellation) to hotel@dreamcheaper.com. If DreamCheaper finds the same room -- or better -- at a cheaper price, it will book it for you and cancel your previous, more expensive reservation.

WHAT'S HOT Savings keep getting bigger if you're booking more than one room for more than a day or two. The site claims to have found savings for two out of three bookings and cut rates anywhere from 15 percent to 60 percent. Visit the "All about the financials" section in Frequently Asked Questions if you want more information about the payment process.

WHAT'S NOT It works best when one person does the booking. If your spouse doesn't know you have been using DreamCheaper and receives a cancellation email from the first hotel booked, he may panic and rebook a hotel room somewhere else. -- Los Angeles Times


NAME Bubble-Globe.comWHAT IT DOES It's a marketplace that
(Credit: Bubble-Globe.com)

NAME Bubble-Globe.com

WHAT IT DOES It's a marketplace that connects travelers with locals for authentic experiences, guided tours and cultural activities in New York, Paris, London, Rome and Barcelona, Spain.

WHAT'S HOT The opportunities presented are personal and unique, such as a tour of Rome from the back of a Vespa or a tailor-made culinary tour of Tuscany. Other fascinating tours include one of London's historic docks, and a day trip to the most beautiful cove in Spain's Costa Brava that includes lunch, a swim and a tour from a local who speaks three languages.

WHAT'S NOT It's a crowded category for travel websites, with competition from established sites ToursByLocals, Vayable and SideTour, to name a few. BubbleGlobe is a startup and will have to keep the opportunities interesting and plentiful to attract and retain users. -- Los Angeles Times


NAME Digiboo AVAILABLE FOR iPhone, iPad and iPod
(Credit: Digiboo)

NAME Digiboo

AVAILABLE FOR iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 6 or later. Also available for Android 2.3 or later on Google Play and Windows. Requires 4GB available space.

COST The app is free; movie rentals are $4.99.

WHAT IT DOES Think Redbox for jet-setters who prefer to download rather than stream. Say what? It's a new movie-rental option found in several North American airports. It works in conjunction with a digital rental kiosk.

WHAT'S HOT It's great if you have a long layover. The kiosk directions are easy to understand and the app downloads quickly. The best part? You don't have to rely on sluggish airport Wi-Fi because the Digiboo kiosk has its own.

WHAT'S NOT Movies take a long time to download (15 minutes). User reviews are fairly poor on both iTunes and Google Play: User experiences seemed to differ depending on their devices and Wi-Fi strength at various airports. -- Los Angeles Times




NAME HotelsByDay AVAILABLE iPhone, iPad and iPod touch,
(Credit: iStock)

NAME HotelsByDay

AVAILABLE iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, requires iOS 7 or later; also available for Android on Google Play.


WHAT IT DOES The app lists hotels that will let you book a room for the day (10 a.m.-4 p.m.) instead of overnight. Available in 11 cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Chicago.

WHAT'S HOT There are so many opportunities this app opens up: day dates for busy parents, a work space for business people or a place to rest before or after a long flight or during a layover, just to name a few. Travelers can search for rooms for "Today," "Tomorrow" or by picking a date on a calendar.

WHAT'S NOT It would be nice to see a drop-down menu to prompt users to choose one of the cities from those that are available. -- Los Angeles Times


NAME goSeek.com WHAT IT DOES This hotel deal
(Credit: goSeek.com)

NAME goSeek.com

WHAT IT DOES This hotel deal website doesn't just find low rates, but also membership and senior rates, discounts after coupon savings and special rates available on your cellphone. You can also compare its prices with those on other popular travel deal websites. Subscription email alerts for personalized hotel deals or price drops are also available.

WHAT'S HOT The "freebies" filter on the left navigation bar will show you how many hotels in your search result offer free breakfast, Internet, parking and child care. The search defaults to results with the best savings, but if you want to dig deeper you can sort by value, price or rating. Also make sure to use the three-star filter (not just four- and five-star properties) if you want to include big-value hotels that you might not otherwise consider.

WHAT'S NOT The filter bar with "Savings Types" is a little confusing. -- Los Angeles Times

Best parking app

(Credit: BestParking.com)

NAME Best Parking app


COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, requires iOS 7.0 or later. Also works for Android and BlackBerry.

WHAT IT IS A guide to the best daily and monthly parking garages and lots in North American cities and airports.

THE GOOD If you're planning a road trip to Boston, Chicago or San Francisco, or maybe just driving into Manhattan, you won't have to worry about finding a place to park. Once you arrive at your destination, plug in an address, cross street, neighborhood or attraction, and the app will direct you to the cheapest nearby parking lot. Rates are updated regularly and links to any available discount coupons are provided. The app also lists airport parking deals, and covers more than 100 cities.

THE BAD International coverage is not yet available. -- The Hartford Courant

Gas Guru

NAME Gas Guru AVAILABLE FOR iPhone, iPad and
(Credit: AP / Lynne Sladky)

NAME Gas Guru

AVAILABLE FOR iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 7.0 or later; Android on Google Play.


WHAT IT DOES Locates gas stations by price near your current location. Can also search by city.

WHAT'S HOT It can help you find a number of stations that may be cheaper (as much as 30 to 50 cents a gallon) than your usual spot. You can use the app in map mode and get directions or view by list and sort by price or distance, which is a big help on road trips. It's also easier to use than its competitor GasBuddy.

WHAT'S NOT It lack two features that would really make the app perfect -- a "favorites" list, where you could save gas stations, and a road trip calculator. -- LOS ANGELES TIMES


NAME Gociety.com WHAT IT DOES This social network
(Credit: Newsday / P.J. Joshi)

NAME Gociety.com

WHAT IT DOES This social network connects like-minded adventurers and fun seekers across a variety of interests from skiing to fly-fishing.

WHAT'S HOT The website and its iOS app (for iPhone and iPad) have an inviting vibe. There are 15,000 members across the website and app (membership is free). Click on "Water Sports," "Fun in the Sun" and "Anywhere," and you'll find an inspiring "Early Morning Surf and Breakfast" in Costa Rica and an island-hopping tour in the Philippines. Select "All" activities "Anywhere" in the filter to see the most results.

WHAT'S NOT The site needs a more advanced way to search for activities by destination and dates. You can search "Newest," "Popular" or "Upcoming" plans from the home page, but it would be more helpful to see those activities on a map. -- Los Angeles Times



National Geographic Lodges

NAME nationalgeographiclodges.com WHAT IT DOES A quick resource
(Credit: National Geographic Unique Lodge)

NAME nationalgeographiclodges.com

WHAT IT DOES A quick resource for boutique accommodations around the world that match the standards you'd expect of the National Geographic brand. Each property is visited and vetted to ensure that guests receive top-notch service and inspiring experiences in a lodge that stays true to the landscape and cultural heritage, has a commitment to conservation and provides benefits to local communities.

WHAT'S HOT The "Spotlight on Sustainability" section features connections between the property and green practices, the land and community. Guests who book their stay through National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World receive a complimentary "National Geographic Exclusive," an experience that helps them connect more deeply to their destination, whether it's a drum ceremony with Buddhist nuns, a dinner under the stars in South Africa or a meeting with the son of a shaman in Costa Rica.

WHAT'S NOT It would be nice if you could filter the accommodations by price. -- Los Angeles Times


NAME Goldstar COST Free for iOS and Android
(Credit: Goldstar)

NAME Goldstar

COST Free for iOS and Android

WHAT IT IS The easy-to-use app offers discounts of at least 50 percent on tickets to live events, including theater, concerts, sports, festivals and foodie tours in New York and other cities.

THE GOOD Goldstar uses your phone's GPS to detect your location to search for events, or you can specify a location where you are planning a trip. You also can provide exact dates to buy tickets before a trip. It can help stretch vacation dollars, especially if you are on a family vacation and need tickets for four or more people. Some events may be a welcome surprise, such as the Wynwood Food Tour in Miami. Goldstar has listings in about 30 cities, including Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

THE BAD Don't expect to find premium seats for most events. -- Chicago Tribune


NAME Citymaps AVAILABLE FOR iPhone, iPad, and iPod
(Credit: CityMaps, Inc)

NAME Citymaps

AVAILABLE FOR iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with iOS 7.0 or later, Android 4.0.2 and up


WHAT'S HOT It's easy to put together your own map-based guide to favorite hot spots, whether you're collecting as you travel or planning for a trip. Details include contact info, price rating, hours, reservations, and directions for those walking, driving or taking a bus. Use the "Explore" feature to find collections, featured mappers and what's being pinned near you.

WHAT'S NOT You can connect with other people through the app's list of Citymaps users, your friends on Facebook, Google Plus and your own contact list. If your friends aren't Citymaps users yet, you'll have to email or text them to get them on board. -- Los Angeles Times

The Mobile Passport app

NAME The Mobile Passport app COST Free for
(Credit: Airside Mobile)

NAME The Mobile Passport app

COST Free for iOS and Android

WHAT IT IS A mechanism created by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to speed travelers with U.S. and Canadian passports through customs at U.S. airports.

THE GOOD Input your passport information and take a picture of yourself, then create a pin to open the app for future trips. Answer four Custom Border Protections questions in the app, and then go to special "Mobile Passport Control" kiosks at customs. You can answer the four questions in advance, and then open the app after landing. You may still have to answer a few questions from the passport-control officer, but you'll avoid a long customs line. If you don't have Global Entry, you will want this app.

THE BAD Only Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International and Miami International have those special kiosks, but additional airports will be added soon. -- The Chicago Tribune

Zip + Flip Penguin Pillow

NAME Zip + Flip Penguin Pillow by Kikkerland

NAME Zip + Flip Penguin Pillow by Kikkerland Design Inc.

WHAT IT IS A cute, plush penguin that easily transforms into a comfortable neck pillow for kids for plane, train and car travel.

THE GOOD It's a polar opposite of what it looks like on the outside. Unzip the bottom, flip the penguin inside out, push the microbead stuffing to the side and you've got a handy U-shaped neck pillow for your next road trip or flight. If the pillow gets dirty, just clean it with a damp cloth and mild soap. It's also available in a black bear design.

THE BAD It is aimed at kids, so the pillow may not fit around all adults' necks.

COST $25

INFO shop.walkerart.org -- Washington Post




NAME Campinmygarden.com WHAT IT DOES Connects house dwellers
(Credit: Campinmygarden.com)

NAME Campinmygarden.com

WHAT IT DOES Connects house dwellers (and their backyards) with adventurous campers. More than half the garden listings are in Europe; the remainder are sprinkled throughout the rest of the world.

WHAT'S HOT It's not always just a patch of grass. The site features a wide range of yards and accommodations, including a 1930s bow-top Gypsy wagon in North Devon, England; a yurt on a sheepherder's farm in the eastern Pyrenees of France; and a 120-acre plantation in southern India. There's a robust facilities search filter if you're looking for gardens that have Wi-Fi or public transportation nearby, allow dogs or provide hot water and other amenities.

WHAT'S NOT Some of the listings did not have photos, which hinders the search process. Be aware of cynical listings such as one that found camping in the heart of Los Angeles' skid row. -- Los Angeles Times


NAME Tixchart.com WHAT IT DOES Searches for and
(Credit: Tixchart.com)

NAME Tixchart.com

WHAT IT DOES Searches for and compares low-cost carriers to help you find the lowest fares among carriers in the United States, Europe and the Pacific.

WHAT'S HOT Plug in your destination and travel dates and up pop two graphs: one charting prices within a certain number of days of your departure date; the other with prices for your return. Click on the peaks and valleys to see the various travel dates and their corresponding prices. Then scroll down to find specific flights. There's a filter bar that opens and closes on the left side of your screen if you want specifics about destinations, stopovers, duration and more.

WHAT'S NOT In a search for flights from Los Angeles to Europe for a family of three, certain segments of the trip had to be booked on different carriers and on different websites. -- Los Angeles Times

Bottle Bright

NAME Bottle Bright WHAT IT IS An environmentally
(Credit: Clean Ethics)

NAME Bottle Bright

WHAT IT IS An environmentally friendly effervescent tablet that cleans all water bottles.

THE GOOD Are you loath to use last year's CamelBak or other hydration packs or bottles for fear of ingesting something nasty from its hard-to-clean tube? Clean Ethics has devised a potent, chemical-free formula that cleanses even the rankest carriers. It takes just 20 minutes to eliminate gunk, stains and smells from plastic or stainless steel water bottles, coffee mugs, and yes, even CamelBaks using one chlorine-free, biodegradable Bottle Bright tablet. It will even get rid of stains in your coffee carafes.

THE BAD You might have to soak an item overnight to remove bad stains.

COST $5.99 for a 10 pack, $10.99 for two 10 packs

INFO cleanethics.com -- MALERIE YOLEN-COHEN. Special to Newsday


NAME Vamo.com WHAT IT DOES The website combines
(Credit: Vamo)

NAME Vamo.com

WHAT IT DOES The website combines itinerary inspiration with multistop flight and hotel booking for global destinations. Use one of its itineraries or create your own.

WHAT'S HOT If you're surfing for a package deal, the website will offer you cash back when you book one of its hotel options. It's easy to filter for budget, midrange and high-end options so you can customize your style of travel. The flight itinerary is broken into individual segments so that if you don't like a segment when booking, you can opt out of it but keep the others.

WHAT'S NOT The site is easy to use, but is it really offering the best price? Checking it against the loyalty program with American Airlines as well as round-the-world fare finders BootsnAll and AirTreks, prices were all about the same. -- Los Angeles Times


NAME RideGuru by TaxiFareFinder.com WHAT IT DOES Calculates
(Credit: TaxiFareFinder.com)

NAME RideGuru by TaxiFareFinder.com

WHAT IT DOES Calculates estimated fares for a variety of ride-share options.

WHAT'S HOT Not only will RideGuru give you a side-by-side comparison of fares offered by providers including Uber, Lyft and Hailo (and the breakdown of cost per initial fare and additional miles, etc.). The estimate includes a tip for the driver and indicates how far and how long it will take you to get to your destination. Click on the listing for more details, and you'll see company fare rules plus a meter with fares you could expect if you hit traffic. For those new to ride-sharing, there's a simple description of how it works.

WHAT'S NOT There are no photos (or descriptions) of typical cars a traveler might get if he or she chose Lyft instead of Uber or Flywheel instead of Curb. -- Los Angeles Times




NAME Sendmybag.com WHAT IT IS A global door-to-door
(Credit: Sendmybag.com)

NAME Sendmybag.com

WHAT IT IS A global door-to-door luggage, sporting equipment and college gear delivery service.

THE GOOD Many airlines are now charging big bucks for baggage. Sendmybag.com, through its user-friendly website, makes it easy, and in many cases cheaper, to dispatch your clothing, bikes, skis, golf clubs and college dorm accessories to your destination without the time and hassles of checking and claiming your bags at the airport. Though other services have been doing this for years, Sendmybag.com will pick up from your home.

THE BAD Sendmybag.com will not pack or secure your bags or boxes for you. You also must itemize the contents of each parcel on the shipping label.

COST Shipping prices vary by size and weight, but begin at $99 to send a 33-pound bag from the United States to Europe.


(Credit: Tripda)

NAME Tripda



WHAT IT DOES Connects passengers and drivers to share rides and expenses in 13 countries, including the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, Philippines and Uruguay.

WHAT'S HOT If you use apps like Airbnb or Lyft add this one to your list. You'll find rides from Boston to New York ($43), Los Angeles to San Francisco ($80) and Los Angeles to Santa Barbara ($19). Women drivers and passengers who are concerned about safety can select a "Ladies only" option. The pricing guide is helpful and there are easy-to-understand preferences for sharing a car with people who are chatty or quiet, are smokers or nonsmokers, travel with pets or no pets, etc.

WHAT'S NOT It would be nice to see the rides people are offering from your general area in the near future. -- Los Angeles Times

ShaveTech Shaver

NAME ShaveTech Shaver WHAT IT IS A small,
(Credit: ShaveTech)

NAME ShaveTech Shaver

WHAT IT IS A small, well-designed electric travel razor. It's available in black or white, both of which are trimmed in brushed silver.

THE GOOD This compact, lightweight razor is the size of a credit card and thinner than a deck of cards, so it takes up hardly any room in a briefcase or gym bag. The pop-out USB charger saves space and the need to find a free electrical outlet. And for most, it offers a good, close shave.

THE BAD Manual razor users might not find ShaveTech Shaver results as smooth as their own.

COST $29.99

INFO shavetech.com -- Malerie Yolen-Chohen, special to Newsday

Tegu Pocket Pouch

NAME Tegu Pocket Pouch WHAT IT IS A
(Credit: Tegu)

NAME Tegu Pocket Pouch

WHAT IT IS A set of eco-friendly building blocks that will keep tots entertained on long trips.

THE GOOD The blocks, which are created with beautiful Honduran hardwoods, have magnets safely embedded within them, so they're less likely to topple over. They're also square, which means they won't roll all the way to the back of the plane if your little one does knock them down. The set, which packs neatly into the pouch, includes eight blocks in two shapes: four cubes and four short planks.

THE BAD It would be nice if it came with a few more blocks.

COST $25

INFO tegu.com -- The Washington Post

Sosh -- City Guide

(Credit: Sosh)

NAME Sosh -- City Guide



WHAT IT DOES This app acts as a city guide to fun things to do and see (you choose your interests and neighborhood preferences) curated by real people gathering info from local weekly magazines, newspapers and niche websites such as Thrillist, Eater, Zagat, 7x7, New York magazine, and more. Currently available for Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington.

WHAT'S HOT Sosh suggests unique things to do in each city, such as eating at a pop-up restaurant, discovering the best artisanal cocktails or shopping at a sample sale. Quirky suggestions include a date night at a sushi-making workshop in San Francisco on Valentine's Day and stargazing with astronomy enthusiasts in Seattle. Also available are upcoming events by the week, along with social sharing.

WHAT'S NOT How about an option to vote on a new city? -- Los Angeles Times



Spider Monkey

NAME Spider Monkey WHAT IT IS A lightweight
(Credit: Octa)

NAME Spider Monkey

WHAT IT IS A lightweight stand for the tablet or e-reader you've brought along on your trip.

THE GOOD The flexible "tail" on this handy accessory will anchor your tablet to all kinds of irregular surfaces, whether you're reading on a French Quarter balcony, video chatting or watching a movie on a 747. The eye-level viewing reduces neck strain and improves posture, and the 360-degree base rotates for easy screen adjustment. You can also wrap, curl or tuck it in place in bed or on the couch, and it stores easily.

THE BAD It works better on lighter tablets, such as the iPad.

COST $79.99

INFO octa.com


(Credit: Tripnary)

NAME Tripnary



WHAT IT DOES Lets you discover new places and create travel bucket lists based on photos from those who have gone before you. Go to Skyscanner to compare flight prices to your destinations. Your list is organized into a map ready for you to use.

WHAT'S HOT When you're looking at images, it's fast and easy to "heart" the ones you like. The app keeps track for you and groups them by destination. Next, click over to the Flights section and see how airfares to your destinations stack up against one another.

WHAT'S NOT The Plan feature's search bar isn't great for cities you don't know. You're better off using the app's funnel tool, and then typing in, for example, "coffee house in Austin." You'll get a list of suggestions with addresses. -- Los Angeles Times

Flight Tonight app

NAME Flight Tonight app and hopper.com AVAILABLE iOS
(Credit: Hopper)

NAME Flight Tonight app and hopper.com
WHAT THEY DO To use Flight Tonight, a simple iOS app from Hopper.com, input your hometown airport code and it will return same-day flight deals -- domestic and international -- for that airport and nearby cities. Results vary throughout the day because of frequent updates. If you check later in the afternoon and evening, you'll find deals that leave the next day.
WHAT'S HOT It's great for booking a last-minute trip. Check the app early in the day for the broadest selection of flight and deal options. To get details on cheap flights between two destinations, see the "When to Fly and Buy" section on the Hopper.com website. Click on "Deals" for upcoming destination-specific deals from your hometown.
WHAT'S NOT hopper.com is a little more work to navigate than the app, but you'll find even better prices and more destination options. -- Los Angeles Times

Crumpled City Maps

NAME Crumpled City Maps WHAT THEY ARE These
(Credit: Palomar)

NAME Crumpled City Maps

WHAT THEY ARE These waterproof, lightweight maps can be creased, squashed and easily bunched into your back pocket.

THE GOOD A no-fuss, convenient solution for the travel buff who prefers printed maps to GPS devices -- without the slapstick of trying to properly refold a map. The maps are printed on a special technological material that can be crammed into your pocket, backpack or the carrying pouch provided with no worry about refolding. Cities range from Amsterdam, Barcelona and Berlin, to Cape Town, Chicago and Hong Kong, and each map provides details about a large part of the city, including streets, monuments and a sightseeing index.

THE BAD Of the 40 maps available, Chicago, New York and San Francisco are the only U.S. cities.

COST $15

INFO palomarweb.com

-- Washington Post


NAME NameShouts WEBSITE nameshouts.com WHAT IT DOES Sounds
(Credit: nameshouts.com)

NAME NameShouts

WEBSITE nameshouts.com

WHAT IT DOES Sounds out the correct pronunciation of names in 14 languages, including Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Bengali and Russian.

WHAT'S HOT It's great if you know how to spell the name of the person before calling or meeting him or her. Input the spelling of a "full name" in the search bar. Once it finds the name (if it can't locate the original among the 14,000 in its database, it will suggest a similar alternative or invite you to add the name), click the sound icon and listen to the pronunciation. There's even a "Slow" button if you need the name pronounced more slowly.

WHAT'S NOT This tool needs to be pocket-size. NameShouts knows that and is working on apps for both iOS and Android. -- Los Angeles Times



Charge Hub: Universal Charging Station

NAME Charge Hub: Universal Charging Station WHAT IT
(Credit: Charge Hub)

NAME Charge Hub: Universal Charging Station

WHAT IT IS A one-stop charger that can handle up to seven electronic devices simultaneously, at full speed, with just one plug.

THE GOOD The Charge Hub is a small, compact, beautifully designed disc-shaped charger with seven USB ports to quickly power iPhones, Androids, iPads and more with just one outlet. It's perfect for a plugged-in family on the road. An added bonus: You can custom design your Hub with a logo, photograph or art at no extra charge.

THE BAD It does not come with cords, so travelers must remember to bring the ones that come with each device.

COST $49.99, thegrommet.com


NAME HostelRocket WHAT IT DOES This ad-free app
(Credit: HostelRocket)

NAME HostelRocket

WHAT IT DOES This ad-free app lets you search for and book hostels, with more than 35,000 accommodations worldwide. Need a bed at the last minute? Same-day booking is available.

WHAT'S HOT Searching on your iPhone is much easier than using HostelRocket's website (hostelrocket.com). It's a visually appealing, quick-to-use app with hostel photos, reviews and pricing upfront. If you're looking for hostels that surprise and are easy on your wallet, you'll find them here, like Casa Alto Vidigal ($12 a night) in Rio de Janeiro.

WHAT'S NOT The review categories are extremely positive -- "It's clean!" "Awesome staff!" and "I love this place!" -- so if the hostel you're considering has only two out of five stars, be careful. You might be missing out on a different hostel with a better rating.

COST Free, iPhone, Android, web

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