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NAME OVVO Optics Phoenix polarized sunglasses WHAT THEY
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NAME OVVO Optics Phoenix polarized sunglasses

WHAT THEY ARE Sunglasses composed of a steel-titanium composite that makes them incredibly light (they weigh less than an ounce), yet seemingly indestructible. The glasses are made in Germany and Poland.

THE GOOD They seem indestructible -- drop them on the pavement, fold them, even stand on them and they still look brand new. The company claims the frames, when stretched out flat, can hold 90 pounds without breaking. Also, the screwless hinges mean you don't need to keep tightening them.

THE BAD Like umbrellas, sunglasses seem to get lost more easily than regular glasses, and these are just pricey enough to make such a loss really hurt.

COST $289

AVAILABLE FROM goodseeco.com or ovvooptics.com stores across the country. --Chicago Tribune

(Credit: MCT)

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