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NAME TravelByDrone.com WHAT IT DOES It's a collection
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NAME TravelByDrone.com

WHAT IT DOES It's a collection of YouTube videos pinned to a map by location. The video footage must be taken by a drone (nonmilitary) and show, in good quality, the area where the drone flew. The public can submit videos, which are reviewed by the website before being posted.

WHAT'S HOT There are lots of drone videos from all over the world. A column on the home page lets you know about the most recently published ones. You can zoom in and out of the global map to find where the videos are from. It's fun to view the aerial shots of the Serengeti in Kenya, the streets of London, and Kilauea and Maui in Hawaii.

WHAT'S NOT You might want to hit the mute button; the music that accompanies some of the videos is not for all tastes. -- Los Angeles Times

(Credit: TravelByDrone.com)

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