TRENTON - The mayor of New Jersey's capital city may be forced to leave office.

The state Attorney General's Office has submitted a request to a Superior Court judge to have Tony Mack's title and authority as mayor stripped.  They have asked that a hearing on the matter be held as quickly as possible.

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A federal jury Friday convicted Tony Mack of bribery, fraud and extortion. State law prevents him from staying in office.

City Council President George Muschal is in line to become acting mayor and complete Mack's term, which ends July 1. A regular city election is scheduled for May 13 to choose the next mayor.

Muschal, an ex-cop and businessman, says the first thing he wants to do when he's sworn in is get Trenton's skyrocketing crime rate under control.

The panel found Mack and his brother, Ralphiel, participated in a scheme to take money in exchange for helping get approvals to develop a downtown parking garage. The deal was fictitious and part of a government sting.