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Turning a sunroom into a year-round haven

Designer Wendy Garfield says she fell in love with her Merrick home because of its quirks. “It has a lot of unique charm,” says Garfield, who owns La Strada — Meuble Objet, Décor in Merrick. She shares the home with her attorney husband, Neal Stern, two children and their Norfolk terrier. The house, she says, “just needed a lot of love and care.” Garfield and Stern have been heaping love onto their house, built in 1927. Transforming the home’s enclosed porch into a year-round family room was an eight-year process. “Every year, we did a little bit,” says Garfield. “When we started in 2002, it was so cold in there in the winter, you had to wear a jacket. At sundown, we’d just close the doors, and no one went in there.” Not any more. With new windows and well-insulated walls, the 13-by-16-foot room is comfy-cozy. Here’s how the designer turned a sometimes room into a year-round family haven. Total: $26,205 (Garfield’s fee for a room makeover this extensive would start at $750) — SYLVIA E. KING-COHEN