12:30 p.m. IKEA Update: Live from Red Hook ...

(Credit: Urbanite)

Dynamic duo J. Sanchez and daughter Brandis, 27, mean business, and they have the jumbo-tent to prove it.

We introduced you to the father-daughter pair earlier this morning, they're No. 1 and No. 2 in line for the free IKEA couch, having arrived last night to spend some quality time together for father's day. Three days of quality time, in fact.

But that was before they pitched their tent and hunkered down. Check their expressions - no one's going to be messing with these two - likely not even intreprid Racked blogger Adam Rob, who's also in for the long haul, liveblogging from spot No. 5 in line., and who's still hanging in there despite his reports that the porta-potties are already out of toilet paper [Racked]


-- Simone Herbin

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