81% of New Yorkers are optimistic about the city's future: Poll


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Here's one rising trend the city could get used to: optimism.

Eighty-one percent of New Yorkers say they are optimistic or very optimistic about the future of the city, an increase of 5% over last year, according to the Municipal Art Society's third annual Survey on Livability released Thursday.

Manhattan is the most optimistic borough at 88%, followed by Brooklyn at 85%, Queens at 80%, the Bronx at 76% and Staten Island at 69%. Overall, 84% of all New Yorkers are satisfied or very satisfied with their life in the city.

Vin Cipolla, president of the MAS, said that jump in optimism could be a result of the nation's gradual emergence from the recession, as well as New York's faster-than-average recovery.

In the summer, the mayor touted the entertainment industry as one incubator for the economic growth, having added more than 30,000 positions in the city since 2004.

"We're feeling a little bit better as a country, and New York has fared better in the Great Recession than the country as a whole," Cipolla said. "There's a sense that the days to come may be a little better than the days behind us."

Cipolla added: "Anxiety about employment is the No. 1 concern people have about livability, so the fact that the might be influencing those optimism numbers."

Still, Richard Kahan -- founder and CEO of the Urban Assembly, an education outreach organization -- said that despite rising optimism, the city isn't doing enough to address its socio-economic problems.

"We have the greatest disparity of income in the country . . . one-third of our kids live in poverty," Kahan said during a panel discussing the report.

"They are the 'other' in the way public services are delivered, they are getting a different level of service and infrastructure," he said.

The survey also found that 28% of all city dwellers think Manhattan is the best borough to live in, 25% think Queens is the best value for the money, and Staten Islanders are the most satisfied with their neighborhood, 92%.

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