A food lover's guide to Atlantic Avenue

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By Linda Perney

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Atlantic Avenue takes you from the Middle East to the South of France. Start at the beginning, between Henry and Clinton Streets, and move on into Boerum Hill, and you’ll come up with everything you need to cook up a feast — not to mention a few takeout places, and some wine bars and cafes to take the edge off the shopping.

Heights Chateau is a great spot for wine. (Andrew Hinderaker)

Heights Chateau

123 Atlantic Ave., 718-330-0963

Choose your wine at this meticulous liquor store. Tastings are held periodically, whether you want to sample the vino or the Scotch.


129 Atlantic Ave., 718-855-7775

If you don’t feel like cooking, you can pick up perfectly fried fish and chips from this Brit outpost. The fried Mars bars are a favorite among the Kindergarten set.Floyd

131 Atlantic Ave., 718-858-5810

If you want to take a break from the stores, settle in for a beer and a game of bocce.

Oriental Pastry & Grocery|

170 Atlantic Ave., 718-875-7687

Whatever you need to put together a Middle Eastern meal, you’ll find it here.

Malko Karkanny Bros.

174 Atlantic Ave., 718-834-0845

One of the oldest Middle Eastern outposts on the avenue; people swear by the honey cake.

Green Pea

181 Atlantic Ave., 718-596-4624

The stands outside are inviting any time of the year, but go inside and you’ll find just about all the produce your looking for.


187-189 Atlantic Avenue, 718-624-4550

Before there was Trader Joe’s or Fairway, there was Sahadi. Much loved in the neighborhood for its bins of nuts, coffee, prepared foods and terrific prices on all kinds of imported groceries and chocolates. Did we mention the fresh halvah? The only downside: the crowds. Closed Sunday.

Damascus Breads and Pastry

195 Atlantic Ave., 718-625-7070

This has been a neighborhood stalwart since the 1930s, selling just-baked pita bread, plus baklava, spinach pies and the like.

Cook’s Companion

197 Atlantic Ave., 718-852-6901

Some say it’s the best kitchen store in the city. Certainly, it’s one of the friendliest and best-stocked stores anywhere. As for the merch, there’s everything from pots and pans to the most esoteric gadgets. Closed Tuesday.

Soul Spot Restaurant

302 Atlantic Ave., 718-596-9933

Take home some excellent fried chicken, tasty meat loaf, collards, yams and mac and cheese.

Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches

311 Atlantic Ave., 718-855-8838

Dying for a banh mi? Nicky’s crusty take on the classic has found a home away from home. Closed Monday.s


320 Atlantic Ave., 718-488-0777

Stop for a little Gallic joie de vivre: a late-afternoon glass of wine or a bowl of the house’s warming onion soup.

Brawta Caribbean Café

347 Atlantic Ave.; 718-855-5515

Pick up an order of jerk chicken or curried goat and take it home for a feast. Closed Monday.

Downtown Atlantic Bakery

364 Atlantic Ave., 718-852-9945

Whatever homey sweets you might want — Buttery almond-flavored cookies dipped in chocolate; cupcakes topped with clouds of coconut — are on sale in the bakery. The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and a menu ranging from tagliatelle to roasted chicken, from shrimp rolls to samosas. Takeout, too. Closed Monday.


409 Atlantic Ave., 718-852-1572

This is a great place to stop for a leisurely weekend brunch and a glass of crisp Sancerre.

Blue Marble Ice Cream

420 Atlantic Ave., 718-858-1100

We all scream for it, and Blue Marble has it – and it’s organic. Plus brownies, cookies, muffins, and other treats all served in a cheerful white space that’s truly family-friendly.

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