A Superior visual treat

(Credit: Urbanite)

There are so many good things to say about this collection of signs for the Superior Sewing Machine and Supply Corp. Let's begin with the wonderful font, the turquoise paneling, and the varied presentation, from the large main sign to the one above the door to the painted logo in the window. They're perfectly imperfect -- notice how the lettering in each sign (notably the "S") is inconsistent. The overall look is very pleasing and soothing.

The shop, at 48 W. 25th St., is Superior's world headquarters. The company describes itself as the wholesale leader in parts and supplies for industrial sewing and cutting machines. Its roots trace back to 1949, when the company only supplied the local garment trade. The company resides in a historically significant loft building built by Abraham Lefcourt, a garment industry pioneer, according to New York Songlines.

As for the signs, they are very much a product of the company's early years. They speak to that post-war, mid-century moment of optimism. Call it a superior time.

-- Rolando Pujol

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