A taste of Target in Manhattan

(Credit: Urbanite)

Monday is the last day to shop at the mini-Target on 57th and Sixth. (Flickr)

Monday is the last day (this time around) to experience Target in Manhattan. The four mini-stores (located in midtown, Union Square, SoHo and the East Village) and called Bullseye Bodega are ending their five-day run of low-priced goods by high-end designers.

Are these Bullseye boutiques better than that floating Target at Chelsea Pier last year? Can't wait for Target in Manhattan to open next year? Tell us why.

— Emily Ngo

P.S. When I first came across the storefront, I remember thinking how much intellectual-property trouble that poor bodega was going to get into for using Target's trademark. Then, I learned it actually was Target.

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