Alas, your chance to become Kanye West

(Credit: Urbanite)

Now, you have the opportunity to morph into Kanye West. (Photo by on Flickr)

Wanna be Kanye West? He sure thinks you do.

The rapper with the infamous ego stars in a fake infomercial for Be Kanye tablets, which allow the user to (you guessed it) totally become the Chicago native. The spot is produced by the sponsor of his recent Glow in the Dark tour, Absolut Vodka, although the liquor company’s name is largely absent from the spot. All we know is that we can only truly be Kanye in “an Absolut world.”

And it’s not just videos. We were startled to see Kanye’s sunglassed mug smiling at us from an ad on the N train last night, telling us that with just a few Alka Seltzer-like tablets, we, too, could “Be Kanye.”

It seems counter-intuitive that ‘Ye, who has deemed himself impossible to duplicate, would suggest that bald, middle-aged white men could and should morph into his likeness and reap the benefits of his fame and smoothness with the ladies.

Then again, this provides another opportunity for Mr. West’s face to be plastered on billboards and spewed all over blogs.

This one too, obviously.

—Megan Stride

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