Alex Rodriguez and Madonna affair report triggers tabloid frenzy

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In what could be the perfect storm of celebrity gossip, Us Weekly is reporting that Alex Rodriguez has been making late-night visits to Madonna's Central Park West apartment.

Wow--finally, something sports-obsessed guys can noodle over with their celebrity-addled girlfriends!

The mag says A-Rod has made "numerous solo nighttime visits to Madonna" and afterwards would sneak out "as late as midnight."

As late as?

The source, in the ultimate New York touch, tells the mag that "all the doormen are talking."

It's unclear who the source is--a 'friend' of Madonna? of A-Rod? a building resident? a doorman? Derek Jeter? Britney Spears?--and neither Madonna nor A-Rod's people are talking, so it's difficult to judge the credibility of the story.

And Perez Hilton weighed in this afternoon with this: "As for the whole Alex Rodriguez thing, sources reveal exclusively to that Madonna and the baseball player are friends and nothing more.

'They have mutual friends in common.'"

Madonna's marital troubles with Guy Ritchie have been well-chronicled, and A-Rod's faced stripper-gate and allegations in Jose Canseco's book (plus claims that he likes well-muscled women; anyone seen Madonna's biceps lately?)

And hey, there's this bit of sleuthing from Us Weekly: "Rodriguez attended Madonna's April 30 NYC concert; the singer sat in his seats at a Yankees game on June 22."

Awww, they appreciate each other's work!

(Note: A-Rod had a below-average game that day, going 1 for 4 with no RBIs, leaving 3 men on base in a 4-1 Yanks win over the Reds. Maybe he was nervous? No word on how well Madge sang that night.)

Whether this Madonna/A-Rod thing pans out or not, Us Weekly has to be congratulated for bringing all its resources to bear on this tsunami of a story.

The mag leaves us with this last tidbit: Madonna's son, Rocco, 7, "also sported Yankees gear on June 25 while playing in Central Park."

Whoo-hoo! Can you imagine Woodward and Bernstein staking out the park for that scoop?!

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