Amanda Beard and Michael Phelps and Ricky Martin's twins in Ridonkulous Internet trends of the week

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Ricky Martin is the Daddy of new twins, and Amanda Beard stupidly denies rumors of dating Michael Phelps.

So it was rumored on the Internets earlier in the week that American Golden boy Michael Phelps was dating Olympic swimmer turned Playboy Playmate Amanda Beard. However, when asked about the rumors on a recent radio interview, Beard said, "EW! I have taste," and was not linked with the 8-time gold medalist hottie. Come on Amanda, there's at least a million girls who'd kill to be linked with Phelps, and since your career has digressed to stripping off your skivies for everyone from Hugh Hefner to PETA, it might have done you some good to think about spending some time with Phelps.

Also, based on these photographs, Phelps doesn't need any assistance in the hooking young hotties department. Also, it appears he's found a new BFF in Brady Quinn.

The trend of men with questionable sexualities having babies with surrogate mothers continues. Michael Jackson started this over a decade ago, Clay Aiken continued the trend earlier this summer having a child with a 49-year old friend, and finally, it was announced earlier this week that Ricky Martin had twins with a surrogate mother. Congrats are in order to all the new daddies!

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