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MTA, sell the naming rights to train stations

I have a suggestion to help raise money for the MTA: train station naming rights. It is a big business for stadiums, so why not sell the naming rights to subway stations, bus stops and bus depots? An example: 42nd Street — Walt Disney Station. I am sure the publicity and consistent daily exposure to tens of thousands of commuters would encourage big corporations and businesses. I think all revenue options should be tried. Those new bus stands could also have the name of a business or corporation that is located in that area.

— David Paz Sr., Maspeth

Equal rights: Women still have a long way to go

As a white woman, I understand black pride at Obama’s election. So much emotion was expressed about how blacks could not even vote “back then.” Blacks obtained the vote in 1867 — but black males only. Women were not granted the vote until 1920. Gender bias in the election was hardly addressed. Though I feel proud of the election of a black president, I sure do feel Anne Wilson Schaef’s “Original Sin of Being Born Female.” So far to go.

— Doris Rosenhaus, Manhattan

So, what happened to ‘change,’ Barack?

It seems like every week Barack Obama is either backtracking on his promises (leaving Iraq under a time table, repeal of tax cuts for the wealthy, etc.) or filling positions with the same people who supported civil rights abuses and the Iraqi occupation. What’s going on here? He is looking more and more like the consummate politician and less like the man of change he sold himself as. The line from a famous Who song says it best: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

— Christopher Pratesi, Westbury

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