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City should punish those who harm animals

Re “Council appears clownish with animal ban proposal,” March 27: Instead of banning animal performances completely, how about filing charges against those who treat their animals unfairly? The zoo animals are always trained with positive reinforcement and are not forced to perform. Children who see these animals develop an appreciation for them and desire to protect their wild relatives. It is important to keep these animals in public viewing, and treat them with respect and love.

— Angel Vail, Queens

Council right to talk about banning circus animals

What a disappointing piece this was. God forbid the majority of City Council wants to do something that is against the grain! The circus is not the place to educate the city kids who “will never have the chance to visit the wilds of Africa and Asia.” There are more educational and proper places to do this. I know many have a sense of nostalgia when it comes to the circus but it is time to recognize the use of animals in this capacity is wrong.

— Alison Mendez, Jersey City

Seniors need more aid for prescription drugs

As a retired social worker I find it imperative that this country provide some type of complete medical and drug coverage for its retired seniors. We pay the 20 percent Medicare doesn’t pay and we have to somehow figure out how to pay for necessary drugs.

— Kate Sheehan, Manhattan

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