amNewYork letters to the editor

Bloomberg is good for city’s finances

Re “Mike to middle class: I’m on your side,” May 18: I would vote for Bloomberg again. You forgot to mention he declined his mayoral salary. He accepts only $1 of his $195,000. Being that he is a billionaire he has no need to use taxpayer money. Using his own private jet is a great thing! If he can make money for his company, he would do the same for the city. Go Bloomberg!

— Susana P. Corey, Brooklyn

Mayor Mike is a hypocrite

Mayor Bloomberg is spending obscene amounts of money with his Orwellian ad campaign selling his bogus message to the middle class, but his administration crushed the middle class. Mike’s message is like the seats in the new Yankee Stadium — nice, but most New Yorkers can’t afford them. He prides himself on being an environmentally conscious mayor, but he flies around on his private jet.

— Suzannah B. Troy, Queens

Media should focus on other candidates

The media refuses to give much attention to the other, superior, candidates for mayor and then they have the nerve to run stories about how voters don’t know any of the other candidates? I bet if you listed any of the Democrats’ platforms against Bloomberg’s you’d find his approval rating drop to about zero. Did you not see what 16 years of Republican rule of NY has done to us? Eight years of Republican rule in D.C. destroyed America and that can’t be refuted.

— Kevin Kuber, Manhattan

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