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Regulations will not stop smokers

Re “Putting a choke hold on smokers?” June 23: President Barack Obama has good intentions with his new smoking regulations, but they will not discourage people from smoking. The key is to find out why, despite evidence that smoking is harmful, expensive and antisocial, people still start. The president might otherwise begin with “no smoking on train platforms that get federal subsidies” or propose health care that will not cover smoking-related illnesses. Putting regulations on the tobacco companies will only encourage them to increase their prices, sell cigarettes in developing nations and step up other advertising here. I can’t imagine there is a smoker out there who doesn’t know smoking is bad.

—Gene Towba, Plainview

No reason to take aim at pedicabs

Re “No easy ride for city’s pedicabbies,” June 19: Pedicabs are a nonpolluting form of public transportation powered by people, not polluting fossil fuels. The excuse that pedicabs contribute to traffic congestion is absurd. Hundreds of pedicabs are outnumbered by thousands of other vehicles that take up far more space. Everyone should read Campaign Finance Board filings by City Council members. There was a political quid pro quo for those who voted to limit pedicabs and by fortunate coincidence received campaign contributions from the taxi industry. Doesn’t the council have more important issues to deal with than trying to put a small group of entrepreneurs out of business?

— Larry Penner, Great Neck

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