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Spectacle brings problems to light

Re “‘They should all be fired,’” June 24: No, they should not be fired. I am actually enjoying this “reality” serial, which will finally wake up my fellow New Yorkers to how dysfunctional our government is. I think the two Democrats who bolted their party did us all a big favor in bringing this spectacle into plain sight, rather than the normal “closed-door” antics of years past.

— John Ost, Manhattan

End of steroid era coming soon?

Donald Fehr, head of the baseball players union and a major block in drug testing for players, has decided to retire when Commissioner Bud Selig resigns. This all should have happened when it was known players were cheating with the use of steroids. Good thing Jose Canseco wrote the tell-all book or it would still be a problem. Remember when they tried to discredit Canseco?

— Bernard L. McGrath, Holbrook

Kim has detected Obama’s weakness

Re Jeanica Toussaint’s letter, “Finally, we have a visible president,” June 23: Can Toussaint and other Obama sycophants tell us why North Korea’s dictator has challenged President Barack Obama more in six months than he challenged George

Bush in eight years? Could it be because thug Kim Jong Il has concluded that Obama is a great speech maker with the spine and fortitude Jimmy Carter and Neville Chamberlain?

— James Longo, Livingston, N.J.

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