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Jacko’s parents shouldn’t get kids

So Michael Jackson’s kids are going to Joe and Katherine Jackson? Aren’t they the same people who mocked their son for having a large nose, who

hijacked his childhood and who severely “disciplined” and basically wrecked his life

for their very own profit?

— Suzy Sandor, Manhattan

Oprah got what she voted for

Oprah is complaining that her employees are going to be taxed on a cruise she gave them this year, attempting to disguise a salary bonus as a “gift.” Nice try, O. I’m afraid the guy you cried for on election night needs every tax dollar he can get to pay for everything he promised. What’s the matter — can’t handle the “change”?

— Michael Chimenti, Oakland Gardens

More important news to focus on

While our soldiers are being killed, wounded and maimed on two fronts, and civilians have lost their jobs in the thousands, and others have been fleeced out of their life savings by Ponzi schemes or otherwise. Newspapers, TV and magazines and other media have been focusing on the death of a drug addict and accused pedophile. It’s another example of the “A-Rod Syndrome” that has captured this nation.

— Stan Zinder, Manhattan

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