Andrew's Coffee Shop closes on West 34th Street

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Andrew's Coffee Shop on West 34th Street between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Photos by Emily Mathis

By Emily Mathis

Andrew’s Coffee Shop at West 34th Street appears to have served its last cup of joe.

“Yes it has closed. We found out this morning,” said a worker at the Andrew’s location on Seventh Avenue in midtown. Calls to Andrew’s other branches offered no further explanation.

Coincidently, Andrew’s demise comes shortly after a spacious new deli, Bistro, opened up next door.

Bistro, with its copious offerings from sushi and pizza to salad, hot and juice bars, instantly made a name for itself. For the opening week all items were offered half-off. Andrew’s had recently been trying to drum up business by passing out free cookies, offering dinner and lunch specials, and giving away dessert.

Ted Kim is a general helper at Bistro.

Ted Kim, Bistro’s general helper, admits his establishment may have had some impact, but says he’d hate to think Bistro was the main culprit.

Kim believes his restaurant and Andrew’s attracted a different clientele, since Andrew’s was a table-service diner, and Bistro is a self-service deli. Andrew’s did offer take-out and Bistro offers tables.

Other food establishments lining the block, from chains such as Chipotle and Quizno’s to hot dog and halal stands, say they have felt little to no impact since Bistro opened.

A worker at Quizno’s said they had felt an initial hurt, but had since recovered.

The worker did say the sandwich shop had increased marketing by passing out flyers since Bistro’s arrival.

Angelos Mironis, who runs a pushcart hotdog stand nearby, said his business has not suffered from Bistro’s presence.

“They don’t bother me. I don’t bother them,” Mironis said of his new neighbor.

But if Bistro did in fact “bother” Andrew’s to death, they seem remorseful.

“If anything give my best to the people at Andrew’s,” Kim said.

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