Anthony Weiner, Bill de Blasio release health care fix plans

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(Getty Images) (Credit: (Getty Images))

Two mayoral candidates revealed their plans to help improve the city's health care system Thursday.

Former congressman Anthony Weiner proposed testing out a single-payer model and having city workers pay a little bit for their coverage.

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio proposed insuring 600,000 more New Yorkers and advocated for the creation of new medical center partnerships.

Weiner said city employee health care costs will grow by 40% over the next three years, so the city should consider taking a page out of the playbook of unions. He suggested that city workers pay a bit for their coverage in exchange for a lower cost.

Weiner also proposed a task force that would look into the idea of a single-payer option, which would provide coverage to many residents who need it.

De Blasio proposed using the Affordable Health Care Act to insure the additional New Yorkers and put forth ways to help financially struggling hospitals.

Pairing those institutions with flagship hospitals would result in shared resources and better medical service, according to de Blasio.

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