Anti-Semitic Elmo performer busted in Girl Scout extortion rap

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Dan Sandler, the Elmo performer who was arrested last year for shouting anti-Semitic slurs, was arraigned Wednesday on various charges including extortion and stalking, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance said.

Sandler, 49, allegedly sent numerous harassing emails to Girl Scouts of the USA supervisors last year and y threatened to make false allegations of sexual abuse within the organization if they didn't pay him pay $2 million, according to the district attorney.""The defendant is accused of trying to use his widely publicized criminal history to extort millions of dollars from the Girl Scouts," Vance said in a statement.

Sandler, who was extradicted from San Fransico, worked for the Girl Scouts in 2007 as a computer programmer but didn't interact with kids, the criminal complaint said.

Last year, he allegedly sent emails to his former Girl Scouts supervisor, boasting about his publicized arrest and kept sending messages despite the supervisor's protests.

In September, he wrote another message where he cthreatened to spread false rumors, including that the Scouts allowed adult male supervisors to engage in sexual encounters with the girls at the camp, if the organization didn't pay him, the complaint said.

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