App recommends chefs' favorite hotspots

The app was launched a few weeks ago

The app was launched a few weeks ago and is currently available for the iPhone. (find. eat. drink.) (Credit: The app was launched a few weeks ago and is currently available for the iPhone. (find. eat. drink.))

Picking a place to eat in New York City can be so overwhelming that sometimes slickers want a solid recommendation from a trustworthy food industry professional - by doing little more than touching their phone screen, of course.

A new iPhone app called Find. Eat. Drink. is the answer to that prayer.

Robin Dorian, a Manhattan-based former Food Network producer and host, launched the app with her business partner Nick Bumstead, formerly of Chambers Street Wines, based on a popular Web site they founded a few years ago,

Chefs eat differently than the rest of us - Dorian told amNewYork in an interview Monday - they like the hidden gems with outstanding food.

"Even in Chinatown," which she frequents, Dorian said, "there are all these places, and this sort of cuts through the noise."

The app recommends everything from restaurants to coffee shops to farmer's markets, making it well-suited for travelers. It allows users to browse suggestions, or to request eateries in a specific city or zip code.

Users can also make lists in the app so they can remember a spot for later.

"Instead of having everything, it's this wonderfully curated list," Dorian explained, "and from people who are respectable."

The app features reputable chefs, bartenders, and other food industry professionals from New York and other cities across the globe, including Chef Alfred Portale of Gotham Bar & Grill in Greenwhich Village, and Garrett Oliver, a brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery.

"We want to save you from having a bad meal," Dorian said.

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