Apple axes maps app chief

Apple iPhone 5 map application, utilising the new

Apple iPhone 5 map application, utilising the new iO6 software (Credit: Apple iPhone 5 map application, utilising the new iO6 software. (Getty))

Apple has fired the software manager in charge of the company's much-maligned maps app it debuted in September, after the app drew an enormous backlash due to its perceived shortcomings, Bloomberg News reported Tuesday.

Richard Williamson, head of Apple's mapping team, was let go by Senior Vice President Eddy Cue, according to sources who declined to give their names because the information wasn't yet public, Bloomberg News said.

Apple launched the app in order to drop Google's popular Maps app from iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad, because the two companies are locked in a heated battle over dominance in the mobile space.

Customers were extremely critical of Apple's maps app, which came with the iPhone 5 in September and was offered a free update to other Apple products. Among the complaints were poor landmark data, unreliable routes and a lack of public transit directions.

Williamson is the second casualty in the Apple maps flub, as former Senior Vice President of iOS Software Scott Forstall was let go after refusing to sign his name to a rare apology from CEO Tim Cook in response to the criticism.

Cook advised users to download third-party mapping apps from the App Store, including Bing, MapQuest, and Waze, and even suggested using Google's web site to access its mapping function.

The company is looking to add new leadership to Apple's mapping team, Bloomberg News said.

Apple has said it is continually working to address the major issues with its maps app.


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