Bloomberg among top 10 most generous of '08

(Credit: Urbanite)

We all know that Mayor Michael Bloomberg is very rich and has used his considerable resources in the service of his political career by spending upwards of $150 million on his two successful elections.

But Bloomberg is also a well-known philanthropist and, just in the last year, he gave far more than that to charity. In 2008, Mayor Mike, who plans to run again this year, dropped $235 million on various charitable endeavors, making him the ninth-most generous donor in America, according to Slate magazine's annual list.

Bloomberg, who would not disclose how much he gave to each individual recipient, certainly spread the wealth. He disbursed the cash to 1,200 different non-profits, including Johns Hopkins for a children's hospital and Stand Up to Cancer, which funds cancer research.

He actually gave more than any living donor, as those ahead of him were either non-profits and estates set up after someone's death or pledged money.

Topping the list was the foundation set up by the late Leona Helmsley, which means that 2008, for all its economic turmoil, turned out to be quite a year for dogs.

-Jason Fink

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