BMX rider tries to break jump record in Central Park

(Credit: Urbanite)

Kevin Robinson, via

Those looking for a little vicarious thrill tonight will be able to check out BMX rider Kevin Robinson’s record-breaking attempt in Central Park at 7 p.m.

The daredevil will be trying to break fellow BMX-er and mentor Matt Hoffman’s 2001 jump record of soaring 26.5 feet above a ramp.

Robinson is shooting to soar about 30 feet above his ramp tonight, meaning that he’ll be hovering 57 feet off the ground. That’s about six stories, just to be clear.

Should the jump go according to plan (and we certainly hope it does), Robinson will be celebrating on the second floor of 15 Watts St., underneath energy drink Red Bull’s New York offices.

Spectators should head over to the park’s bandshell area at 72nd St. tonight to catch a glimpse of the triumph or the carnage.

-- Megan Stride

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