Bravo stars livin' la vida Williamsburg

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Camille Becerra, Christian Siriano and Goil Amornvivat all live in Williamsburg.

OK, so long ago it became totally routine to see TV on the Radio guy and Brazilian Girls guy hanging around Billyburg:

So our latest celeb-spotting conquest has been Project Runway winner Christian Siriano. We've been keeping an eye out to spy him cruising around Bedford Avenue ever since the NY Sun reported that he'd dumped his cramped East Village digs for a Williamsburg loft. (and they got a tour!)

And we finally spotted him last night strolling past the N. 5th street taco truck around 7 p.m. - wearing a knit cap to cover his infamous bi-level hairstyle. So yeah, the taco truck is now officially FIERCE.

But Siriano is hardly the first Bravo celebrity to call Williamsburg home. By our count, there are at least three and a half of them housed in hipsterville.

We see Top Design's Goil Amornvivat coming out his is N. 9th street pad to walk his French Bulldog all the time (still sports those adorable pink glasses!), and last fall we interviewed Top Chef's Camille Becerra - who lives hear McCarren Park - in her Greenpoint restaurant Paloma.

And now for that half-celeb -- we also frequently spot Project Runway TRESemme hair stylist Martin-Christopher - pictured here at right with Siriano - of course, looking fierce.

Now, those are just the ones we've seen - we're sure there must be more!

If the rumors are true, coming soon is the entire new Top Chef cast to live in the fancy condos on the edge of McCarren Park. If you've seen other Bravo stars floating around the 'burg, we want to know! So comment and tell us.

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- Lauren Johnston

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