Broadway shows find 3-D opportunity with movies

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A new company, Fugobi, is introducing technology to produce

3-D film versions of Broadway shows.

By Danielle Sonnenberg

Special to amNewYork

A new venture hopes to take Broadway productions to the movies in 3-D.

Dale Smith, a partner at Fugobi, promises a “larger than live” experience for moviegoers.

“Audiences will feel like they are on set with the actors,” Smith said.Smith said Fugobi is working with 10 Broadway shows to film 3-D versions, but has yet to announce which ones. He said an announcement could come next week.

“Audiences will get to know the story in another way and they will be more likely to embrace it on stage,” said Marcus Cheong, a producer who is filming his show for the 3-D format, but spoke on the condition that the title be withheld.

The 3-D movies would be shown in limited engagements. Smith would not estimate how much it would cost to film, but said the shooting would be done off stage using the same cast as the Broadway show.

The idea of releasing a 3-D movie of a production had some producers intrigued, but a little skeptical.

“It’s a great idea. However, I think there is something to be said for a show to establish a firm foothold within the theater community first,” said Barry Habib, producer of “Rock of Ages.” Still, he said it’s important to embrace technology and stay on the cutting edge.

For the moment, however, he’ll resist turning his shows into 3-D movies, he said.

Ken Davenport, producer of “Altar Boyz,” said he might not go the 3-D route just yet either, but recognizes the power movies have to promote Broadway.

“That kind of marketing power helps us. Our title becomes much more familiar to audiences,” he said.

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