Catching "SATC" the New York way

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Spend this weekend disassociating yourself with wannabes. (AP)

New York will be inundated this weekend with tourists seeking to catch a “Sex and the City” screening where it all happened. They’ll do it up right: Dress up as their favorite characters, watch the film with 73 girlfriends and top the night off with yummy-tinis at a swank bar. You, resident New Yorker, can do better.

There’s another route for native fans who want to avoid the bachelorette party-like festivities while remaining true to the essence of “SATC":

1. Dress like your normal fabulous self. You’ve already got New York style. Mimicking Carrie’s ballgown-with-a-cardigan ensemble screams out-of-towner-with-a-costume.

2. Schedule brunch with your best friend. The “SATC” crowd bonded over eggs in the morning probably more often than drinks at night.

3. See the movie in the afternoon. This is a surefire way to dodge the tourists with the matching “I heart SATC” T-shirts. Nice scrunchie, lady.
4. Take an hours-long walk through the city you already know so well, making sure to point out the women who are so obviously visiting just for the movie. But also make sure to point out the men you would “date” if you had Samantha’s audacity.
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— Emily Ngo

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