Celebrity chimp mauls woman before police kill him

By Jason Fink

A celebrity chimp with a penchant for finding trouble attacked a woman in Connecticut today, seriously injuring her before police shot and killed him.

The 175-pound ape, who had a run-in with police in 2003, mauled the 55-year-old woman’s hands and face, reports said.

The victim was visiting the Stamford, Conn., home of the chimp’s owner when the attack occurred, around 3:30 p.m., according to published reports.

The owner tried to stop the attack by stabbing the chimp, named Travis, with a butcher knife after calling 911.When police arrived, Travis tried to open the door of the cruiser and, after finding it locked, came around to the side and ripped off the mirror.

"He had no choice but to pull his pistol and fire several rounds," Police Capt. Richard Conklin told the Stamford Advocate, speaking of the responding officer. "The EMS personnel were reluctant to go in because there was an enraged chimpanzee on the loose."

The 15-year-old animal was toilet trained, dressed himself, ate at the table and even drank wine from a stemmed glass, the Advocate reported.

When he was younger he appeared in commercials and was on the Maury Povich show.

In 2003, Travis escaped from his owners’ car and was found at an intersection, where police had to subdue him with a stun gun, reports said.

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