City cautious about going all the way with Trojan's Valentine's Day cab

Trojan Safe Ride taxis (Getty Images)

Trojan Safe Ride taxis (Getty Images) (Credit: Trojan Safe Ride taxis (Getty Images))

When it comes to a Valentine's Day promotion by a contraceptive company, the city's Taxi and Limousine Commission aims to be more safe than sorry.

Trojan, which tussled with the city over a vibrator giveaway in the summer, plans to offer free taxi rides in Greenwich Village during the evening hours Thursday and Friday.

The cabs, which have a roof ad shaped like a condom, will have a Trojan representative who quizzes the rider on sex health topics.

Although the TLC had no issues with the intimate aspects of the promotion, a spokesman said it was trying to work out whether the promoters legally secured taxi licenses and medallions."We want to ensure that they are in compliance with the law," TLC spokesman Allan Fromberg said.

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