City Hall Dispatch: Anthony Weiner hates poor people, the rich

(Credit: Urbanite)

Just kidding of course.

But Brooklyn's own Rep. Weiner just announced the formation of the Bi-partisan Caucus on the Middle Class, dedicated to promoting middle class activities like BBQing, watching cable, and losing health care benefits.

Kidding again, except about that list bit.

According to the press release:

The caucus will provide a forum for Members and staff to discuss, advance, and engage the House’s work on strengthening America’s middle class. The group will focus on developing solutions and legislation to protect the middle class and those struggling to make it into the middle class.

There are hundreds of caucuses in the House, including the Organic Caucus, the Peanut Caucus, and the Songwriters Caucus, so Weiner may have some trouble getting his voice heard.

One hates to see cynical political motive in this, but talking about the middle class is one of those things that politicians love to do and voters love to hear, and Weiner is really trying to paint himself as the middle class candidate in '09.

But as Doree Shafrir wrote in a profile of Weiner for The Observer:

Who is the middle class, exactly?...Mr. Weiner’s platform is designed to play on the anxiety felt by a large swath of the population that does consider itself middle class, from an immigrant family in Jackson Heights with no health insurance to a young professional couple who, to their horror, find they can’t even afford a nice two-bedroom in brownstone Brooklyn (and who also may not have health insurance). We’re at this moment in New York right now where more than a few people are making a whole lot of money, but there’s also a creeping feeling that the good times may be killing us—and Mr. Weiner is making it his business to play up those fears.

---David Freedlander

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