City Hall Dispatch: Mayor Kelly?

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Interesting new poll out today from uber-pollsters Quinnipiac.

Apparently, at this early date, most NYers want police commish Ray Kelly to be their next mayor, with 22% saying they want him to be the Decider, followed by Rep. Anthony Weiner (14%) Brooklyn BP Marty Markowitz (ditto%) City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (13%) and Comptroller William Thompson (8%)

This fits with a theory we've long had, that despite New Yorkers supposed crazy liberalism, they (we?) still really like strong, law and order, take no guff kind of mayors (see Giuliani, Rudy; and to lesser extent Bloomberg, Mike)

It's hard to put too much stock in this poll though. For one thing, the election is pretty far away, and people who even follow politics slightly have most likely been consumed with the 08 presidential contest, so a lot of the support for Kelly and Weiner is probably based on name-recognition.

Still, assuming he wants it, Kelly would have an uphill climb from here on out. For one thing, the three front-runners--Weiner, Quinn, and Thompson--are all very competent and qualified candidates.

Secondly, Kelly would most likely have to run as a Republican, and the thinking here is that most New Yorkers are tired of Republicans after 16 years of 'em. 'Course, we said that in 2001, too.

Finally, he may run into the same problem that Wes Clark ran into when he ran for President in 2004. Clark too was a well-respected tough guy, but fell flat out on the hustings. Let's face it, to be a elected official in this town, much less mayor, you gotta put up with an incredible amount of BS, from pretending to be interested in whatever rubber chicken political gala is being thrown that night, to kissing every baby, to hearing every sad-sack tale about potholes in your street and noisy neighbors.

Unless he's cut from a certain kind of glad-handing cloth that we haven't seen much of yet, hard to picture Kelly measuring the drapes in Gracie Mansion any time soon

--David Freedlander

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