City Hall Dispatch: The Race for NY-13

(Credit: Urbanite)

As we remain on Day 7 of the Fossella death-watch, it is worth taking a look at who is lining up to replace Vito, should he decide to go.

Steve Harrison, a Brooklyn lawyer gave Fossella something of a race in 2006, garnishing 43% of the vote, and has become something of a hero among the Netroots, who love his down-the line progressive instincts.

Dominic Recchia, meanwhile, a congressman from Coney Island, had also indicated he wanted the seat, and had much of the party establishment behind him and a big edge in fundraising.

The district is still pretty conservative, especially for New York, but with Democrats winning seats in deep-red Northern Mississippi heaven help the state party if they can't take this one away from the GOP.

A couple of problems though. The district is 2/3rds in Staten Island, and both Recchia and Harrison live in Brooklyn. And in the Yugoslavia that is NY politics, Staten Islanders have about as much an inclination to vote for someone across the river to represent them in D.C. as Conservative party members do to vote Maoist.

The party meanwhile is scrambling for a local Islander to move in on this thing...We'll keep you posted...

----David Freedlander

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