City unveils Sandy home recovery assistance program

Bloomberg announces NYC Build it Back Program. (Mayor's

Bloomberg announces NYC Build it Back Program. (Mayor's Office) (Credit: Bloomberg announces NYC Build it Back Program. (Mayor's Office))

A new program to aid homeowners is the next phase in rebuilding areas ravaged by Superstorm Sandy, the mayor announced Monday.

The NYC Build it Back program provides free specialists and experts who will help selected applicants with financial aid and other options for their properties, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

The initiative, which begins next month, complements other Sandy recovery programs such as Rapid Repairs, and FEMA money, according to the mayor.

"This program will provide a new infusion of support to help families, neighborhoods and businesses come back stronger and more resilient than ever before," he said in a statement.

Under Build it Back, applicants can ask for a repair specialist, choose from various model homes if they have to rebuild their property from the ground up, apply for reimbursement from the government for losses or sell their property.

Interested applicants can log onto nyc.gov or call 311 for more information.

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