Cops arrest 6 and seize 105 pounds of cocaine from Times Square hotel

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Crowne Plaza Hotel (Credit: Crowne Plaza Hotel )

A gang of alleged drug traffickers was indicted Monday after cops busted them in October for trying to move 105 pounds of cocaine out of a posh midtown hotel, officials announced Monday.

Six men working out of the Crowe Plaza Hotel in Times Square were arrested Oct. 25 after authorities observed them trying to smuggle out the drugs in suitcases, according to officials.

Five of the men, who range in age from 22 to 50, were arraigned Monday on conspiracy and drug possession charges, and the sixth will be arraigned Dec. 3.

While surveilling the suspects at the hotel on the night of the bust, officers saw Fernando Alvarado allegedly leave the hotel with a suitcase and enter a silver BMW. Moments later, Luis Cuevas-Muniz also left the hotel carrying a large suitcase and he entered a livery cab, officials said.

Cops followed both cars, and a few blocks away saw Cuevas-Muniz exit the cab without the suitcase then walk back to the hotel, officials said. Cops stopped the cab and arrested the driver after they found eight pounds of cocaine inside the suitcase Cuevas-Muniz left behind.

Investigators then stopped the BMW that Alvarado was in, arresting both him and the driver when they found 30 pounds of cocaine in his suitcase.

Uniformed cops made their way to the hotel room and found an additional 66 pounds of the drug. They arrested Cuevas-Muniz and two other men who were in the hotel room. Cops are reportedly still looking for one more suspect who fled the scene.

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