Developing: 2 police officers shot in Queens

By Peter Catapano

Two undercover police officers were shot by a fare beater who used one of their own guns after it came loose in a struggle with the man at a Queens train station yesterday, police said.

Shane Farina, 38, and Jason Maass, 29, were taken to Elmhurst Hospital after the altercation with Raul Nunez, 32, who was apparently using a student’s MetroCard to get onto the F train at the 21st Street near the Queensbridge Houses.

According to police, the suspect fired on the officers about 5:15 p.m. before running up an escalator, where he was shot four times by a police lieutenant.

The mayor said last night that both officers were expected to recover. Maass was shot in the lower back and Farina was shot in the lower sternum and also sustained a fractured rib. Farina was undergoing surgery at press time.

Nunez was struck in the leg and made statements at the hospital implicating himself, police said.

After an alert went off about an unauthorized MetroCard use at a turnstile, Farina and Maass identified themselves as officers and got one handcuff on Nunez, but then the scuffle began and one of the officer's guns came loose.

Nunez grabbed the gun, stood up and fired at both officers while they were still on the ground, police said.

Prosecutors say the man will be charged with attempted murder and could face 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

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