Duly Noted

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Millys Mini Market in Williamsburg. Help build our sign collection here. (Photo by Rolando Pujol)

* Hey "Mad Men" fans. Here's a guide to city locales mentioned on the show's first season. [Gridskipper via EV Grieve]

* The Williamsburg giglio gets all the attention, but Jeremiah reminds us that East Harlem has its very own giglio, which will dance this Sunday at 2. The celebration is one of the last links to East Harlem's Italian days. [Jeremiah's Vanishing New York]

* A most auspicious day: the Wonder Wheel turns 88 on 8/8/8. [Gothamist]

* How green is my wall: The side of an East Side building has been transformed into a verdant paradise. [A Fine Blog]

* Marion's Continental on the Bowery is closed, but its catering business will carry on. The owners bid farewell in the same way the original Marion's did in 1973 -- by stepping into the light at the end of the bar and raising a toast. Sad. [Eater]

* Also sad: Gasparino's in the East Village closes for "lack of interest." The sign says just that in the window. [Eater]

* This Web site show the novel things you can do with your finds at Ikea. [Ikea hacker via Jackson Heights Life]

* Way before eHarmony, there was Compramatics. Here's an ad from 1970 urging Gotham singles to harness the power of the computer (and fill out painfully long questionnaires) to find the perfect mate. [Ephemeral New York]

* Doing some hopping between North and South Brother islands. You have to see the pictures. [Gowanus Lounge]

-- Rolando Pujol

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