Duly Noted: Kristen's rich! South Slope's hot!

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* Wednesday, Ashley Alexandra Dupre was complaining to The New York Times that she might have to move back to New Jersey because she couldn't afford her Flatiron apartment. Umm, get this from New York magazine:

But in fact, in the less than 24 hours since that interview took place, Dupre's personal wealth has increased considerably. The two songs on her Amie Street profile, which each cost 98 cents, have been downloaded more than two million times, and Dupre will receive 70 percent of the total profit. Playboy and Penthouse are both interested in setting up photo shoots.

More maddening details over at Daily Intel, which also has word of a great quip from governor-in-waiting David Paterson.

* So what are high-priced prostitutes and their clients saying about the Spitzer scandal? Go right to the source at Bound, Not Gagged and the theerroticreview.

* Jim Cramer is choked up by his buddy Eliot's downfall. You must check out the old camera booth photos of Eliot, Jim and an unknown friend. [Dealbreaker]

* Our cover today (Out with a Bang) gets some love from the Village Voice and NY1. Thanks! [Running Scared and NY1 "In the Papers"]

* It's been quite a week for Harlem, between Paterson's ascension and City Planning's approval of the 125th Street rezoning. [Uptown Flavor]

In other news ...

* Our City Living profile of South Slope revives the South Slope vs. North Slope debate. [Brownstoner and Curbed]

* Fiterman Hall's demolition may be nearing. The building was severely damaged on 9/11 ... [City Room]

* ... And here comes the new World Trade Center. For real, it seems. [Curbed]

* The Elephants Walk to Madison Square Garden is March 18. [Gothamist]

* A inside look at Admiral's Row. [Gothamist]

* Water Taxi Beach a public nuisance? [Queens Crap]

*Rosemary's Baby" is a classic that defines an era in New York. It may get the remake treatment, just like another similar vintage classic -- "Taking of Pelham One Two Three." [Fishbowl NY]

-- Rolando Pujol

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