Entropically favorable

(Credit: Urbanite)

This weekend we checkout Urbanite fave Glowlab's show at the Leo Kesting Gallery in the Meatpacking District.

They turned over the top half of the space into a one-woman exhibition by Beka Goedde, a Brooklyn based artist whose training is in neuroscience.

Her pieces are these exceptionally delicate, intricate renderings of anonymous cities, imagined places where urban life is both scrambled and fragile.

She says, “I am building a house around myself. I am able to sense my movement in surrounding space. I contribute to the surrounding space my interior architecture, by transferring my sense of movement to the movement of physical material. The intimate space spreads outward systematically and geometrically, growing into structures and forms. It shoots off further than I can reach with my hands, hangs higher than where I can focus, dwells behind the reach of light.”

Here's a few more:

Also, for what it's worth, it's still possible to find flanks of skinned cows near the gallery.

--David Freedlander

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