Experts agree: Turn down the volume


earbuds (Credit: (Getty Images))

New York is set to be the first city to launch a campaign aimed at getting people to turn down their earbuds, and some experts are singing its praise.

The initiative, headed by the health department, will target teens on social media.

"Wonderful -- absolutely spectacular," said Dr. Ray Hull, a professor of audiology at Wichita State University.

"About 75% of high school seniors already have some degree of hearing loss," he said.

Some teens said the program would complement some of the efforts phone manufacturers are taking to prevent hearing loss.

"[I have a] Samsung Galaxy S-2, and every time I turn my music up an alert comes up on the screen," said Jaliah Fernandez, 16, of East Flatbush. "It makes me turn down my music," she said. "I realized I really don't need it so loud."

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