'Family Outing' at Keens Steakhouse means no mutton chops --- just for one day

(Credit: Urbanite)

Keens Steakhouse is all about tradition: The countless ceramic pipes, the Pipe Club and its illustrious membership list, the Lincoln Room, the memorabilia of the 16th president's assasination, those lip-smacking mutton chops, and the great lore that goes with a place that opened in 1885 as a Herald Square theater district hangout and is still going strong, having operated in, count 'em, three centuries.

On Sunday, we learned of another Keens tradition: the annual family day outing, for which the restaurant was shuttered. The dark windows on a Sunday night momentarily alarmed us as we swung by, but happily, all was well. The tradition dates to 1937.

The restaurant, by the way, now markets itself as Keens Steakhouse, but its awning offers a quiet nod to its history. One side goes by "Steakhouse," and the other retains the historic "Chophouse" name.

-- Rolando Pujol

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