Flight attendant tips

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Yigal Levy is a flight attendant for El Al.

We asked Yigal Levy, chief flight attendant at El Al, for some of his traveling tips.

Do you have any advice for traveling with children?

For a baby you want to give them a bottle for takeoff and landing, but you want to start feeding ahead of time.

For older children, bring toys they know and recognize. Airline stuff is not necessarily appropriate for all ages.

Don’t pull the toys out right away, though. Keep kids busy at first by explaining the flight and aircraft.

With children, also, try to board as early as possible, so you can get better settled.Any seat selection suggestions?

For long-haul flights, try to get a window seat. It gives you a few more inches at the wall, and you won’t be woken up by someone sitting next to you who needs to get out.

Some people think emergency exits are best, but for 757s and 767s they’re by the galley (the kitchen area) and it’s lighter and often noisier. Also, sometimes the seats don’t go back.

If the aircraft has two emergency exits, the one in front won’t go back.

Do your homework. Go on the airline’s site and look at their seating plan.

What should people wear on a flight?

Wear something soft and comfortable, and be sure to layer. Wear layers that have zippers and are easy to take off.

For shoes, wear sandals, or sneakers, something that’s wide enough because your feet get swollen in the air. (Lucy Cohen Blatter)

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