Flight attendant tips

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Lynette Erskine, is a flight attendant for American Airlines. She’s based in JFK and flies everywhere but the continental Unites States. We caught up with her for some tips.

1)How do you avoid feeling tired and lethargic?

We drink a lot of water and we’re up and moving a lot, so that helps us stay alert and awake. You can do that, just not during mealtimes!

2)What about traveling with pets? Any tips?

They have to be under 20 pounds and we only accept cats or dogs in the cabin. You must remember to check in at the counter, because agents need to take into account how many pets are on. We’re only allowed seven pets on a plane at once.

I would advise people that have dogs to walk the dog before you go through security. The pet has to stay in the carrier once you get on the airplane. But you can open up the carrier and give water and biscuits.

3) What are some of the best seats?

Bulkhead seats, and emergency exit seats have extra legroom. But keep in mind you must be at least 16 to sit in that row.

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