Food trucks: Tasty grub on the go

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The La Cense Beef truck will be open for business this month.

By Alexis Korman

Special to amNewYork

For New Yorkers on the go, grabbing a bite on the run just makes sense. Here are some new spots where you can find delicious eats on wheels:

La Cense Beef

Street meat gets a healthier makeover at La Cense Beef, the first lunch truck in Manhattan to feature all-natural, hormone and antibiotic-free Black Angus beef burgers ($7) from grass fed cattle. The blue and green truck is scheduled to start making trips Mon.–Fri., 11 a.m. -3 p.m. this week. To locate the truck, visit

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

It’s hard to miss this rainbow-accented, cha-cha music-blaring ice cream truck parked in the West Village—toppings include gourmet items like sea salt, bacon, cayenne pepper, and TRIX cereal, since, according to their website, “it’s queer, colorful, and youngster-friendly, like us!”. The BGICT plans to make appearances near clubs in the East Village and Chelsea at night. To find out the truck’s location, visit

NYC Cravings

This mysterious unmarked van isn’t being operated by someone scary from America’s Most Wanted. It’s just a low-key food truck serving up some tasty Taiwanese eats, like a filling fried pork chop over rice with “secret” pork sauce ($6) , Taiwanese style fried tianbula (fish cake) ($6), and a variety of steamed dumplings ($3 for 4). The truck can be found on 45th St between Sixth and Seventh Aves most Mondays, but you can check the truck’s other locations at

Cupcake Stop

Strawberry shortcake, old fashioned banana pudding, and psychedelic tie dye are among the colorful, creative cupcakes on offer at the Cupcake Stop, NYC’s first mobile cupcake shop. The truck offers two sizes of the cupcakes, baked fresh daily, the "mini" costs just $1 and regular sizes go for $2.25. Follow the cupcakes at:

Moshe’s Falafel Truck

Do you want to find a filling lunch for under $5? Moshe’s Falafel Truck’s got you covered with its 3-falafel pita stuffed with lettuce, tomato, tahini, hot sauce, and a spicy pickle on top for just $4.75. While it’s not quite new, it does have a new location and new menu items. This truck has been parked near Union Square for the past 6 months, but now resides at 57th and Broadway. Shoestring French fries ($3.50) are the latest addition.

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