Four-eared cat Yoda purr-fect

(Credit: Urbanite)

Yoda, the smoke-colored feline with four ears, has become a celebrity. (Fame Pictures)

Since it's Friday, take a break and check out this story from our sister paper the Chicago Tribune about Yoda, the four-eared cat who's the latest star of the London tabloids.

He now has his own talent agent, and is coming soon to a TV talk show near you.

It sure beats his old life:

Ted and Valerie Rock found Yoda in 2006 while watching a Bears game at a Blue Island bar with fellow volunteers from the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Patrons were passing the 8-week-old kitten around, mocking his appearance and calling him names such as "Devil Cat" and "Beelzebub."

The Rocks took pity on the kitty and offered to adopt him. The establishment's owner, who kept the cat in a cage atop the bar to amuse patrons, agreed.

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