Fox News chief Roger Ailes revealed in Judith Regan lawsuit


Ailes (Credit: Getty Images)

It had all the intrigue of a novel: Provocative publisher Judith Regan said she was pressured to lie to the feds by a senior News Corp. executive about her past affair with former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik.

In a stunning reveal, that exec turns out to be Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, according to court documents uncovered by The New York Times on Thursday.

Regan sued News Corp. in 2007 for firing her from Harper Collins over alleged anti-Semitic remarks. As part of the suit, eventually settled for $10.75 million, she said an unnamed executive wanted her to stay quiet about her fling with the then-married Kerik.

That’s because, the report said, when Kerik was being vetted for homeland security secretary in 2004, the affair would have been bad publicity for presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani — an Ailes ally. Giuliani had appointed Kerik as police commissioner and was his friend at the time.

The story noted that Regan even recorded a phone conversation with Ailes in which he discusses her relationship with Kerik.

News Corp. didn’t deny it was Ailes on the recording, but told The Times it had a letter from Regan that said Ailes “did not intend to influence her with respect to a government investigation.”

The document naming Ailes was accidentally made public as part of a separate lawsuit filed by News Corp. attorneys who represented Regan in her wrongful termination suit.

News Corp., the parent company of Fox News, didn’t return a call for comment Thursday.

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