Free IKEA couches ... so where are all the crazies?

(Credit: Urbanite)

Photo by Simone Herbin

What gives people? You wait in line for Shake Shack. You waited in line for the opening of Trader Joe's. Year after year you queue up for Shakespeare in the Park ... and a few weeks ago, you even lined up for the 31-cent ice cream at Baskin-Robbins.

So we felt sure you'd be out in full-force for a free IKEA couch (first 35 in line at the new IKEA Red Hook) or the free armchair (next 100 in line).

But you aren't. Where are you? As of 12:45p.m., there were STILL only about 18 of you devoted fans of Swedish-made furniture in line for the free couch. That means - if you're reading this in your office, thinking you don't have a chance at the couch, you're wrong.

Fake and illness immediately and get there. NOW.

-- Lauren Johnston

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