GOP's Mourdock, Akin lose Indiana, Missouri senate races

Richard Mourdock, left, and Todd Akin (Getty).

Richard Mourdock, left, and Todd Akin (Getty). (Credit: Richard Mourdock, left. Todd Akin, right (Getty).)

Democrats gained a U.S. Senate seat in Indiana that had been in Republican hands for decades after the Republican candidate blundered by calling pregnancy from rape something God intended.

Democratic Congressman Joe Donnelly beat Republican state treasurer Richard Mourdock Tuesday. The seat is currently held by Republican Senator Richard Lugar, who lost a bruising primary to Mourdock this past spring.

Donnelly is considered a moderate, anti-abortion Democrat. He voted for President Barack Obama's health reforms but does not always vote with Republicans.

Support for Mourdock fell after he said in an Oct. 23 debate that pregnancy resulting from rape was "something God intended to happen." Mourdock said rape should not be an exception to the abortion ban.

Other remarks by Republican candidates on rape also have stirred controversy. In Missouri, Republican senate candidate Todd Akin prompted an uproar by saying women's bodies have defenses against pregnancy after "legitimate rape."

Representative Akin lost the Missouri seat to incumbent Claire McCaskill, once considered the most vulnerable sitting senator.

The outcomes are severe blows to Republicans, who needed a net gain of four seats to take a majority in the Senate.

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