Henican: Change the world in 140 characters

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Why should Iranian election protesters have all the Twitter fun? Can't other world events be hijacked, one 140-character outburst at a time?

Sure, they can. And soon they will be. Every day, it gets a little bit harder to tell the

social-networking Twittersphere from so-called Real Life.

Even the U.S. State Department can see the power of what is happening here.

The quickie-calls-to-arms are lurking everywhere - in nice, little chewable 140-character

bites. You never know who'll turn up next at the short-attention-span party.

Verbosity's the only one who isn't welcome here. Pick an issue, any issue

- then stand back and behold the game-changing tweets! No, Mir Hossein Mousavi (18 characters, space included) isn't the only Twitter star this week!

There's David Letterman, whose secret Twitter blast probably read something

like this:

D GovSarah Loved the "Fire Dave" rally! Lets keep the back-and-forth going for years. Working out great for both our careers!

Surely, the FBI has discovered the Joy of Tweets:

D John Robert Barnes. Sorry. DNA never lies. Ur no Steven Craig Damman.

And here's something from someone whose Twitter login is Katie 27:

D Billy60 Moving out, Grandpa? I always knew you were 2 old!

Believe me, it won't stop here. Singing stars, evil dictators, nice people too. Soon

enough, they'll all be making their marks with tweets.

Some worthy forwards:

@BarackO Happy with your current health care? Didn't think so. Single payer will heal you soon.

@KimJongMadman How'd you like your own missile launch, Hawaii? No? Here's one anyway!

@Bruno GQ really put me on the cover? They did? They did?

RT@Gays Don't ask, don't tell and don't complain either.

RT@Woody I want Carla (for my next movie).

RT@iPhone Great apps. Hope no one notices the call reception.

RT@PETA Flies are god's creatures too! Impeach Obama now.

And whatever you do, keep an eye out for this fine Twitter category:


But you knew that.

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