Henican: Council bozos want to ban circus animals in city

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The World’s Worst Deliberative Body has finally confronted the Greatest Show on Earth, and here is where their silly encounter stands:

According to 23 members of the New York City Council, it’s perfectly OK for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus to exploit any of the following for the delight of Children of All Ages: Clowns. Death-defying trapeze artists. Glittery showgirls. The Human Cannonball. The contortionists of the Chinese Qi Qi Har Troupe. Mr. Gravity. The woman splayed across the Double Wheel of Steel. Magical Zing-master Alex and his alluring assistant, Levitytia.

Go ahead, kiddies. Enjoy their performances at Madison Square Garden all you like. As far the council members are concerned, human circus performers can do whatever crazy stunts they want to.

Just don’t expect to see any animals in future center rings.That’s right, 23 council members — out of 51 — have introduced a bill to ban the “display of wild or exotic animals for public entertainment or amusement” such as the Asian elephants performing Saturday till April 13 at the Garden. And don’t you know that next the animal crackdown will move to the Bronx Zoo?

The truth of the matter, of course, is that most city kids will never have the chance to visit the wilds of Africa and Asia, assuming there are any wilds left in the decades to come. The only way most of us will ever see an elephant (or a tiger or a hippo) is on the National Geographic Channel, at a circus or in a zoo.

The elitist “animal-rights” zealots hate to admit this. But most zoos and circuses today, including ours, are delicately sensitive to animal well-being. And without their well-run breeding programs, many exotic species really could soon disappear from Earth for good.

So here’s my proposal as this crazy elephant ban stampedes through the Council:

Let’s plop these finger-wagging council members on the high wire, drop them inside the cannon barrel, slip a few beneath the elephants’ hoofs.

We’ll all turn out to cheer for them, while the animals run free on Seventh Avenue.

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